Monday, October 11, 2010

Mieke Blommestein Visits on 4th Day of Virtual Book Tour by the National Writing for Children Center

Mieke Blommestein is a contemporary spiritual teacher who is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. She lives in a small mountain village in British Columbia with her husband. They have three grandchildren. The Tale of Miss Spider Who Spun Her Web is the first story channeled just for children by Mieke’s Spirit Guide, Emanuel. A wonderful teaching tool for parents, The tale of Miss Spider will inspire and help children listen to their own soft, loving and kind inner voices.

Mieke takes the time out to share with us her Top 7 Writing Tips. Who doesn't love tips? They are direct and easy to reference to as you journey along your writing path.

Welcome Mieke!

The first thing I would like to say is be patient with your self. Trust and believe in your self. Pick up your pen and piece of paper, silence the mind, and let the words flow in. Make sure you are in a room where it is quiet, stop the mind chatter, and listen to your soft, inner voice.
Do not block your self by your mind that might say: This is not going anywhere, I can not write anything!
 This will only block your creative flow. Again trust in your self, know that you can do anything you want to do in your life. You are the creator of your life; you are the creator of your stories. And the words for your story will appear in your mind, this is a place where everything starts to flow, only if you allow it to flow.

  1. Silence the mind.

  2. Situate your self in a quiet space, without phone or any other things that might disturb you.

  3. Pick up your pen and paper, and listen to your inner voice.

  4. You might say to your self, today I am going to write a story about.......................................... then be still and listen to the words coming in your mind. Then start writing, open your mind to all possibilities, and trust in your self.

  5. Trusting in your self is very important. This will give you the energy flow towards your creations. Trust alone will avoid writers block.

  6. Take one-step at the time. Do not look to far ahead, do not look at the outcome. For when you do, things might be come to overwhelming for you, and then you might stop writing.

  7. Ask for help from Family or Friends, teachers etc, support is very important.
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Visit with Mieke on Oct 12 with Suzanne Lieurance as her host at

Thank you for your interest and time.

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