Friday, September 25, 2009

Children's Book Reviews based on The Underground Railroad

In an effort to spread more information about The Underground Railroad I will be featuring children's book reviews based on this historical time period.

Book Review Schedule:
North by Night by Katherine Ayres - October 9th
Bright Freedom's Song by Gloria Houston - October 16th

If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine - October 23rd

Secret Signs ~ An Escape Through The Underground Railroad by Anita Riggio - October 30th

Barefoot ~ Escape on the Underground Railroad by Pamela Duncan Edwards - November 6th

The Patchwork Path ~ A Quilt Map to Freedom by Bettye Stroud - November 13th

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Importance of Book Titles

I've learned titles are as important as the writing. If a title doesn't grab a consumer immediately, they may never pick up your book and read the jacketflap let alone purchase your book.
Brainstorming many different title options is very important. You may not even come up with a title until your manuscript is complete. Whether you use key phrases or research from a particular time period you are writing about, ideas should start to flow as to what would be the "best" title for your manuscript.
How I went about determining the title for my first story book:
Since The Golden Pathway is a historical fiction novel based on The Underground Railroad, I researched the meaning and code words used for The Underground Railroad and learned the following:
"The Underground Railroad used many different code words to get slaves to freedom. The people that helped the slaves along the railroad were called “conductors.” The slaves were considered passengers or cargo and were called “freight” or “packages.” White folks that did not believe in slavery were called Quakers. The Underground Railroad was considered the golden path to freedom.
Hence: The Golden Pathway was born.
How do you determine your manuscript title? Do you approach it differently if a short story, non-fiction article, or novel?
I look forward to hearing about your appproach.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Golden Pathway ~ Synopsis

The Golden Pathway ~ Synopsis
David lives on a farm in the mid-1700’s and is on a quest to free Jenkins, a black slave owned by his Pa. Pa is a cruel man and badgers David for his weaknesses. Using Pa’s negative outlook to his advantage, David uncovers courage from deep within to keep his promise to Jenkins and leads him to eventual freedom down the golden pathway.
Be sure to check back for the publication date.
Thank you.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Coming Soon...The Golden Pathway by Donna M. McDine

My road to publication has been an exciting ride to say the least.

My award winning short story, "The Golden Pathway," placed 12th in the 77th Writer’s Digest Writing Competition in the category of Children’s/Young Adults. Within the same year (2008) I met publisher, Lynda Burch of Guardian Angel Publishing at the 2008 Muse Online Writers Conference and I took the next step in my writing career and submitted said entry for consideration to Guardian Angel Publishing. After editing rounds and much to my pure delight, Ms. Burch accepted The Golden Pathway.

K.C. Snider has certainly done a phenomenal job in illustrating the book cover! The talents of Ms. Snider brought my story to life. I can hardly wait for the story illustrations.

More on the synopsis and publication date to follow.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to staying in touch.