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Code Words Were Essential in Conducting the Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad was a pivotal time in American history. The bravery and determination of those opposed to slavery is one to admire and emulate. To take the time out to have compassion and empathy of others’ plights will certainly bring a greater understanding of each other. Beyond the bravery, the organizing of the Underground Railroad came to fruition through the use of code words. By utilizing code words it assured that those for slavery would not “catch-on” to the escape routes and intentions of the slaves to achieve freedom.

The Golden Pathway Lapbook Activity FREE with purchase
Creating a lapbook is a wonderful way for students to ‘visually organize’ all kinds of information, pictures, mini-booklets, written work, diagrams, graphs, etc... This particular lapbook, based on Donna McDine’s book, The Golden Pathway, will be a resource for children to make, then hold in their hands or place on their laps to review what they have learned about the Underground Railroad and slavery through Donna’s story. A template, step-by-step directions, and a supply list will be available for educators and parents to use with their students to create The Golden Pathway lapbook.
A lapbook is simply a creative means to display information from unit studies, topics, or projects, and it is a very ‘hands-on’ resource. Lapbooks are usually created from a regular file folder (or folders) that are refolded and filled with mini-books, foldables, flaps, pockets, graphs, etc. A lapbook is a fun and educational resource that will enable students to display and revisit what they have learned for years to come!
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