Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review: North by Light ~ A Story of the Underground Railroad by Katherine Ayres

Title: North by Night ~ A Story of the Underground Railroad

Written by: Katherine Ayres

Soft cover: 176 pages

Ages: 9 to 12

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0-440-22747-X

Published: 1998

Price: $5.99

Transport back to the year 1851. Would you be able to reach deep within and summon up the courage to be a transporter on the Underground Railroad? Many people could not and did not in fear of the law. Sixteen-year-old, Lucinda Spencer does just that with no regard to her own safety. Lucinda’s personal recollections through diary entries and her courage will have you spellbound from the onset.

“Even as I work long hours to help the runaways, I do so with only half my mind, for the other half lingers at that bonfire. I can still feel the soft warmth of Jeremiah’s lips on mine. I touch my mouth again and again, to remember. What’s wrong with me? I consider myself in love with Jonathan Clark.”

The author expertly intertwines the everyday struggles of farm life and coming to terms with unforeseen relationships. Lucinda’s focus and heartfelt determination is inspiring. Come along for this fascinating journey of the Underground Railroad, one you will soon not forget.

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  1. I'm fascinated by the diary angle. I'd love to see how that works in this books.

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