Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jacqueline Woodson ~ Luncheon Keynote Speaker at SCBWI NY Winter Conference

The SCBWI NY Winter Conference was a whirlwind of inspiring guest speakers and workshops. Exhausting and exhilirating. If you have never attended you must put this conference on your MUST DO list. Your brain will overflow with essential information and inspiration to make a go of your writing career.

The luncheon keynote speaker was Jacqueline Woodson, a three-time Newbery Honor winner, two-time National Book Award Finalist, and winner of a Coretta Scout King Honors.

Ms. Woodson started off of her speech with the work of someone else, because as she said we all started learning from the work of others.

"Locking the door, reading, and learning from others. Close the door of the negative so you don't feel less." Phew! What a profound statement.

I continued to jot down excerpts from Ms. Woodson's speech, but I became absorbed and mesmerized by her. Her soothing and even keeled voice set me in a trance and I soaked in every word. Below I share with you bits of her writing journey in her own words...forgive me for not having all the details, but as I said her speech was mesmerizing and I lost focus on writing it all down.

"Writing for 20 years...
Prior to children, having the freedom of writing for hours...
Reading the work of others...
Then working full-time and writing at night...
Then working part-time and writing part time...
Then children...
Closing the door to write and having the right to tell your story..."
I know this is bits and pieces, but to truly feel inspired by Woodson visit her website and absorb her writing'll be happy you did...


  1. Nicely done, Donna. Sounds like it was a very good presentation. Thanks for sharing your impressions.

    Bill Kirk

  2. What a wonderful experience to hear such an accomplished writer. A nice inspiration.


  3. Hi Bill...thanks for stopping by and for your words of support, much appreciated.

    Kristi and Bev...thanks for always stopping by and leaving comments. I appreciate it very much.


  4. I'm always happy to meet and learn about new (to me) writers. Thanks for letting me know about Jacqueline Woodson.

    How are things going? Just thought you might like to know that I have a visitor on my blog, today, who will be sharing her grampa's true-life adventures as a Rider on one of the Orphan Trains! There's room for everyone to gather in close and get to know Donna, while enjoying her wonderful story-telling talents. I look forward to seeing you there.

    Yaya's Changing World


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