Friday, July 23, 2010

Interview with Carole Anne Carr

Carole Anne and I met through blogging and have forged a terrific online relationship. Come along on this fascinating interview of Carole's writing and publishing world. You will be astounded!

DMc: As everyone is an individual each author’s road to publication is unique. Please share with us what or whom inspired you to become a writer.

CAC: An interesting question, Donna. I think my inspiration came from the writer Elizabeth Goudge and her children’s book The Little White Horse. This was the book that also inspired J.K. Rowling to write for children.

DMc: The illustration of the dragon on your website is mesmerizing. Who designed such an alluring piece of artwork?

CAC: I’m afraid I don’t know. My Grandson, James Brinkler, who is a graphics designer, purchases the photographs and drawings for my website and book covers. He recently completed my website, and despite the many changes that I asked him to undertake, he is still speaking to me....

DMc: Your books are published under your own publishing house. Please share with our readers what prompted you to become a publisher along with writing?

CAC: I’m laughing at this question. The short answer is my age. I’m in my seventies, and thinking that no publisher would be interested in me as an unknown author, I decided to take matters into my own hands. For six months I studied Google’s how-to articles on publishing, making print ready files, publicity, distribution, Photoshop, book signings, and articles on many of the other skills I would need to set up as an independent publisher. Unable to afford to pay an illustrator, apart for one book cover, I have drawn upon my limited skills and have begun to illustrate some of my work.

DMc: Where can our readers learn more about your publishing house and guidelines?

CAC: Like many other independent publishers, I set up my own publishing house in order to have an outlet for my books. However, I am more than willing to help any reader who is thinking of going down this difficult but rewarding route. I can be contacted at and on my website

DMc: What advice would you provide to the newbie writer?

1. Writing requires the same learning period as any other skill. It took me four years, and many more after that, to become a good teacher. It has taken me years to become a reasonable writer and I’m still learning new writing skills every day.

2. Find a good source of inspiration and listen to advice. The old saying, ‘You must write something every day,’ should be followed religiously. Keep up to date with what is being published in your own genre and read, read, read. Haunt bookshops and libraries. I found how-to book people who inspired me and undertook a two-year part-time university course on Children’s Literature.

3. If you are writing a novel, you must expect the editing to take six months to a year, and often much longer, especially at the beginning of your career. It is lack of editing which causes the majority of publishers’ rejection slips to come your way.

4. And never, never give up!

DMc: A signature request I like to ask every author, illustrator, editor, etc., I interview is for the individual to share with us a tidbit form their lives that the reader will find either humorous or surprising. Carole, can you please share one with us?

CAC: How long do your readers have? After surviving the bombing of London in World War 2, (my best friend being a German woman who survived the bombing of Berlin at the same time), I ran away from university to marry in a shantytown in Central Africa. Having survived malaria, arrest by mistake in Portuguese East Africa, and being lost in the jungle of what was then the Belgian Congo, I returned to England and finished my education. I have since had various careers: teacher, actress, poet, minister in the church, own art and craft business, Franciscan, and now writer. I’m running out of time and careers, so I’m hoping that this writing one will be a big success. Hugs.


  1. Great interview, Donna. I've read a few of your interviews now and I love your question asking the author to share something humorous or surprising. I think Carole Anne could write a book about each of the events she mentions!

  2. that was a really nice interview. i like hearing about writers 'cause it gives me lots of hope. i like knowing more about their life.

    ...smiles from lenny


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